Personal Injury Leads: What You Must Know to Stand Out



According to the CDC's WISQARS, an estimated 26 million people suffered non-fatal injuries between 2001-2019. This brings the yearly number of personal injury victims to approximately 1.3 million. So, at least 1 million people suffer non-fatal injuries every year. This sounds like an unlimited pool of leads for Personal Injury Attorneys. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

As a Personal Injury attorney, you work in a very competitive profession. For every personal injury victim, there are thousands of attorneys trying to convert those leads. So, how do you stand out among the pack? What do you need to convince victims of personal injury to hire you?

Outlined below are things you can do to help you stand out and consequently convert those leads

1. Be Humane

Every victim of personal injury out there most likely has been approached by at least one attorney with promises of good results. Some of them probably represent firms bigger than yours. So how do you convince the potential client that you’re different? Be humane. Leads are humans with emotions, so they are most likely to respond better to an attorney who demonstrates an understanding of their situation rather than sees them as merely another case to be won.

While approaching personal injury leads, you must learn to put ego aside. As much as possible, avoid rehearsing how many similar cases your firm has won in the past. Clients want to know that you are capable of delivering results, but more importantly, they don’t want to feel like this is just another case for you.

Another way to be humane is to answer all questions asked by leads. As an attorney looking to close a personal injury lead, you must learn to patiently answer all their questions no matter how ridiculous you think they are. Your leads most likely have no legal background or experience, so endeavor to answer their questions patiently and as clearly as possible.


2. Be Professional

As an attorney who wants to stand out, one of the things that will give you an edge is being very professional. While potential clients want attorneys who are humane, they also want attorneys who adhere to high professional standards. 


3. Honesty

In a bid to convert leads, Personal Injury Attorneys have been known to misrepresent facts or engage in very unethical practices that end up withering the confidence of potential leads. A potential client needs to know that they can trust you else; they will not hire you. Thus, you want to be honest, making sure not to misrepresent facts, exaggerate or lie about the prospects of your lead’s case. Remember, you are most likely not the only Personal Injury Attorney they are talking to.

4. Prompt response to inquiries

Being professional sometimes involves simple things like promptly replying to inquiries. Leads will call or send emails to ask questions regarding their cases, even if they haven’t hired you or your firm yet. You must endeavor to promptly respond to those inquiries if you want to set yourself apart.


5. Take advantage of technology

As a Personal Injury lawyer, you are competing with numerous other firms with deep pockets, pockets deep enough to advertise their services on TV continuously, radio, billboards, etc. To stand out, you need to take advantage of cheaper technological tools such as social media. Competing with the big firms may seem impossible. With tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even personal or official websites, you can easily reach leads, especially young demographics who constitute the bulk users of these platforms.

Apart from Facebook and other social media platforms, Google is a handy technological tool that can help you stand out among the crowd. Take advantage of google ads and google call tracking by integrating them into your website to boost your campaign results.


6. Giving back

Personal Injury Attorneys can stand out of the pack by engaging in activities that do not directly benefit them or their firms, except in the form of exposure. As an attorney, you probably live in a community where members need legal assistance. Giving back to your community is bound to help you stand out and secure leads in the future. 

7. Free Lectures and Consultations

As an attorney, you can give back to your community by conducting free lectures to educate people on topics relating to personal injury cases. You can also provide consultations to people who may need information about the merits of their cases. This can be done physically or virtually through social media platforms like Facebook. In the end, many of these beneficiaries are most likely to hire you to represent them.

8. Non-legal activities

Giving back doesn’t always have to be in the form of law lectures or legal consultations. Sometimes, giving back may be in the form of community services like volunteering. As an attorney, by taking part in social work, you and your firm are positioning yourself that you care about and, consequently, boosting your profile and visibility.


As a Personal Injury Attorney, following the above guidelines may not solve your many other challenges like slow trials, political hindrances, complex and difficult cases, etc. However, these guidelines are going to help you stand out and position you to be hired.