Lead Generation or Lawyer Referral? Find What’s Best



An essential part of a legal firm is having a constant inflow of leads. This will help increase your client base and help put you in the position to earn more for your firm. Millions of lawyers are in the United States, so you must find a way to distinguish your practice to attract quality leads and keep them, clients.


Quality leads are essential for legal business. In a state where the population is high, you might generate leads from other methods. However, if these leads are baseless, you would have wasted your time and money chasing clouds. 

Legal lead generation and lawyer referral services are two ways that work wonders for leads. But to maximize your profit as an attorney, you must learn the difference between both and how to merge them for success. In this article, you’ll understand how these two are different and what tactics you need for better lead generation. 


Choosing Between Lead Generation and Lawyer Referral Service 

Lead Generation 

A lead generation company like attorney-leads will help generate quality leads for your firms. Unlike legal work, a lead generation company doesn’t have paralegals and practicing attorneys on board. An excellent lead provider will bridge the gap between your law firm and potential clients. But you must consider a lot of factors before you settle for any lead provider. 


Therefore, a prospect might land on the website of these lead generation services and get redirected to your site with just one click of a button. This means you can get leads constantly when you enter an agreement with them. Most lead providers operate on a non-law basis, so you still have to ensure that you’re in business with those that work under the law. 


Referral services 

Legal referral services involve getting referrals from other law firms. These law firms help direct a potential client to you. Usually, when there’s a need for an attorney, the representative of these firms will speak to the prospect and gather helpful information that can help influence the type of attorney that they need. 

There’s a consultation period that helps the representative learn about specific facts about the case. Sometimes, these firms act as a helpline for potential clients, and they help reduce your workload since they forward clients with information concerning their case. However, when it comes to fee-splitting, it depends on the state where the attorney practices. 


The Merge 

Nowadays, both services work hand in hand. If a client clicks on a legal lead generator’s website, they can be redirected to the attorney referral service, which helps give them easy contact with the lawyer they need. So the lawyer referral service will get in-depth information about any client before they send them to your law firm. 

But these companies charge separately, and you must check your budget before agreeing. Since in the legal profession of ethics, an attorney isn’t allowed to split fees with a non-attorney, you must find a way around this. You can pay the legal lead generator based on the number of leads they deliver. 


To differentiate yourself from the competition in today’s digital market, you must use proven methods to work. As a skilled attorney with a wealth of experience and valuable skills, you’ll still need the services of a lead generation company to reach a vast population of prospects. You can grow your practice after you find a lead provider you can trust. Attorney-leads is known for providing quality leads that convert. Start today, grow your business.