How Your Small Law Firm Can Dominate in their Field

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There are currently more than 1 million attorneys in the USA today. A significant number belong to large, powerful law firms with the kind of resources that set them apart and gives them an edge in legal. As a small firm, you have a small budget, you are less known, yet you have to compete with these big dogs for leads. Below are ways that you can compete favorably in a highly competitive law practice.

How Your Small Law Firm Can Compete Favorably With the Big Firms

1. Make use of the internet

One of the best ways through which you can compete favorably is to invest in digital marketing. Digital marketing involves taking advantage of internet resources and tools to advertise your services and connect with potential customers. Digital marketing tools such as email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, blogging, etc., can help you connect with the millions of daily active internet users and convince them to hire you.


Your website is your most powerful marketing tool as you try to compete with the big firms that can afford thousands of dollars cost of TV and radio marketing. A website is like an electronic shop or office, and when creatively curated, it can help you boost your brand’s image and subsequently drive-in business sales.

Two important things to consider while building your website are

1. Design (User Interface),

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

 An outstanding design will ensure that visitors enjoy browsing through your website, while SEO is about ensuring that you’re easily displayed in search results.


A web blog is like a journal, and the legal articles you write in it are your journal entries. Through law blogging, you can create the kind of educative articles that people in need of legal assistance are searching for. Simply put, create content about solving people’s legal problems. Remember, it is easier to convert a lead that has found your blog helpful than one that may have never heard about or come across you.

Social Media

It is hard to find anyone today who is not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. These platforms are so popular that Facebook alone records active monthly users running to 2 billion, close to 100 million of these users are from the USA alone. The best part about these platforms is that they are free. With a good social media presence, you can share information about your firm, post links to your website updates or blog posts, conduct webinars or run targeted ads. The marketing opportunities on social media platforms are quite numerous.

2. Get Physical and Personal

If a lead is reaching out or looking to hire an attorney, it is most likely because they have an emergency, and nothing conveys a sense of assurance like the personal touch. The big firms may have the advantage of their brand’s popularity, but adding a human touch will assure potential leads that they are doing the right thing by handing over their lives to you, as is often the case with legal cases.

How do you get physical and personal? By carrying out simple acts like answering the phone instead of the secretary, personal visits, promptly replying to emails and messages, etc. Getting personal and physical also involves forming meaningful relationships with professional contacts such as doctors for personal injury leads and referrals from family and friends.

3. Niche building

You are a small firm, so your resources are limited. So, why not define your target leads and build your firm around them? Niche building goes beyond defining targets based on a specialization such as divorce leads, personal injury leads, etc. You can go as far as building your niche around certain age groups, and income brackets, resolution forms (you can be known for out-of-court settlements or trials), etc. The goal is to identify a target market, build incredibly efficient systems around it to set your firm apart and above.