How to Generate Quality Legal Leads For Attorneys



Generating legal leads might look easy, but it’s a real hassle for about 61% of marketers in real life. Many law firms struggle to get the leads they need for their business, which is more common than you think. However, after you determine where you can generate quality attorney leads, you’ll have the time to refocus resources to other areas of concentration in your business. 

Attorney leads are individuals who require a lawyer for legal representation or advice. Attorney leads can call for personal injury, divorce, rental disputes, accidents, bankruptcy, criminal defense, estate planning, and more. The ideal situation is to get prospects in dire need of an attorney’s service and convert them into clients. 

Below are proven methods for lead generation in the legal industry. 


3 Methods to Generate Legal Leads For Attorneys 

  1. SEO for leads

SEO means search engine optimization; it is a way to get organic traffic to one’s business without paid advertising. SEO method means that you have to offer value to attract them and start the sales funnel. Therefore, create content that your leads need and keep the quality of that content superb. 

A simple case scenario will be: 

  • You create content that targets a client’s problem 
  • You publish this content online with contact information to reach you
  • Individuals who have a problem go on search engines to seek solutions 
  • The search engine points users to your website 


SEO marketing is not exactly easy, but it’s free to use for everyone. Getting organic traffic to your website will equate to potential leads that can bring business to your firm. You can create a blog, create videos, or use social media posts to create relevant content. 


  1. Blogging for leads 

Owning a blog requires you to create helpful content online to help users solve a problem or answer a pressing issue. So the first step will be to buy a domain name from a trusted site and set up your blog. Then you proceed to populate the site with valuable tips for your prospects. Think about common questions in the legal field and what your clients will love to learn about and answer those online. 

Search engine usually sends people your way when they type a question you’ve answered on your blog. Ensure that the content on this site is updated from time to time and abides by your state’s laws. For example: when a user types “what to do after a slip and fall,” the search engine will produce content that answers this question. So when your blog appears, this user visits your site. 

Always add contact information to your sites; this will enable users to call you quickly. Nobody wants to spend hours looking for how to reach an attorney. Therefore, blogging is a good tool for attorneys in the digital marketing space. 


  1. Video marketing 

Nowadays, many people often consume video content, especially when they’re attention-grabbing, short, and informative. Over 2 billion people use YouTube to find answers to problems or learn a new skill. So you’ll find out that video content trends easily. 


Creating video content will help you build trust with your customers and increase engagement, leading to more sales. Therefore, video content will help generate good leads. A rule of thumb is to think about what legal concern a person needs to solve and then create a short video that helps. Many law firms use this method, and it works wonders for them. 


The skill needed to get quality leads for attorneys is always attainable. Your marketing strategy needs this as a backbone to its campaign. Therefore, save time, money, and productivity by using effective lead generation methods that work. Feel free to reach out to a trusted company like attorney-leads for your quality leads.