How to Ensure Credibility on Google for Your Law Firm’s Website

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Owning a website helps give your business an official look but having a trustworthy website will make clients build confidence in your service. Moreover, Google algorithms can reduce visibility on any website they think is fraudulent.

The Google AI is more discerning when checking the credibility of a website. This is to protect browsers online. Law firms are on Google's watchlist as part of the “your money or your life” industries. If your website is tagged unworthy by Google’s AI, you will lose many local searches, which would have made you more money. 


Some elements of a credible website using Google’s yardstick 

  1. Updated content with correct citations 

In the legal profession, Google can tell if the claims on your website are in line with the current laws and rules of the state—Google’s Al rates government and educational websites as authorities in the field. 

So if you post content that’s the opposite of what’s on these already credible websites, Google will view your site as untrustworthy. This will cause a decline in your search rankings because search engines aim to curb the spread of misinformation. 

Also, in the legal profession having outdated information on your site can be flagged as misinformation. Aim to update your about pages, news items, attorney bio, and even outdated blogs. Whenever you write a claim that isn’t common knowledge, link it to a government source or a specific legit body in your niche. 


  1. Add clear qualifications and credentials for your staff

Managing a law firm is a lot of work but ensure that you put up credentials of all your attorneys because Google usually scans your site to check their qualifications. 

A credible website should have a team page with their lawyers listed. This page will carry their memberships in professional bodies and their social media link. Always include their work experience and qualifications. Also, ensure that your company’s page on LinkedIn includes these lawyers under the people section. 

Advise your teammates to update their work experience and qualifications for better credibility. When there’s a page that correlates with a person’s qualifications, ensure you link it. Always include legal information that an attorney in your law firm provides. 


  1. Get mentioned by other legal websites

This is not only a good source of traffic, but it also makes you an authority in your field. This will help your credibility in general. When you’re mentioned on other websites, your site will earn more visibility. Since Google rates trustworthiness, being linked to authoritative legal publications will do a huge good to your law firm. 

You can reach out to professional bodies and enlist them to help with your visibility on the web. You can also tap into press releases and publish cases you’ve handled confidently. You don’t exactly need to be mentioned by sites on Google’s first page; if the website contains legit information and mentions you, with time, this will help your credibility. 


In conclusion, when Google views your website as a credible source, you are more likely to get more clients. So ensure that your firm is listed in Google My Business. Also, add a contact page all tagged with your location. Acquire reviews from your customers and post them too. Your social media pages should also be buzzing with what you do. Moreover, you can contact local directories and get listed. 


All of these will give a huge boost to your business. So take advantage of these digital trends to succeed today.