6 Popular FAQ on Attorney Leads Generation 



Attorney leads are individuals that need an attorney for their problems. Many attorney leads need lawyers for rental issues, animal bites, defective goods from companies, divorce cases, accidents, and premises liability. Most attorney leads are in dire need of help; therefore, lawyers need to find this quality leads for their business. This works both ways; attorneys get valuable leads while the prospects get satisfaction from services received from these lawyers. 


Popular FAQ on Attorney Lead Generation

  1. How much do attorney leads cost?

Most lead generation companies price attorney leads based on how they accumulated them. Many lead generation companies used advertising as a form of getting leads. Therefore, the conversion rates of attorney leads will affect the rate that they are sold at. But calculating the return on investment in your legal lead generation campaign should be a skill that every agent keeps. 


  1. What are exclusive attorney Leads?

Exclusive attorney leads are in desperate need of an attorney and their information is sold on a one-to-one basis. For example, if the data of Joe is collected and sold to a divorce attorney, that detailed information won’t be sold elsewhere to another lawyer. So when you pay for exclusive leads, you’re sure to get quality leads sold to you alone. These leads can range from bankruptcy leads to criminal defense leads and even personal injury leads. 


  1. How do I receive my leads? 

Lead flow is usually based on internet traffic which is affected by population. You’re more likely to get your leads within one to three days after your order. Getting your leads is mostly fast after you’ve filled the quote on the company’s site. They will be delivered to your mailbox, SMS, CRM, or sent in a Google sheet file. So make sure you fill in the correct details whenever you’re filling your order for attorney leads. 


  1. What happens when the leads deny asking for any information?

Most times, these prospects lead to high conversion rates because they are well-sourced. However, if they deny needing an attorney, nothing happens. On the part of the attorney, try to call these prospects as soon as possible. Remember that attorney leads are mostly in urgent need of help. If you call late, they could have moved on from that situation or found support somewhere else. 


  1. How do I stop receiving leads? 

Whenever you get tired of getting leads from a particular company, you can cancel at any time. Attorney leads don’t require any contract or binding long-term commitment for their clients. So there’s the freedom to opt-out at any point in time. 


  1. How do I get leads for a specific area? 

When you buy leads, you can decide on one area of concentration. During your online form order, you can use the filter option to select the zip code for areas of interest. Also, most lead generation companies have a first-come, first-served basis. So make sure you reach out to the company when you’re getting quality service. This will help keep you at the top of the list for exclusive offers. 


Owning a business is hard work and making the business work for you is even a more significant commitment. Most attorney agents are confused about buying attorney leads and how to upscale their business. This article answers the top six popular questions concerning attorney leads. Remember that every business needs the correct information to succeed. Use that to your advantage.